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  • Racoon | Live At HMH Amsterdam - Theatre Show 2CD
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Racoon | Live At HMH Amsterdam - Theatre Show 2CD

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About a year ago brought Racoon their sixth studio album ' All In Good Time ', that - like its predecessor ' Liverpool Rain ' - soon the gold status. With Platinum-singles as "Brick By Brick" and "Shoes or Lightning ' scored the band some Bangers of hits.
Meanwhile, the band was not silent. After a sold out tour along the large Dutch halls, with one to the Ridge-filled Ziggo Dome to top it all off, followed this spring also an extensive theatre tour which was fighting for tickets. Penultimate stop during this theater tour was the Heineken Music Hall, a memorable show that was recorded in its entirety for the second live album by the band.

The new live album ' Live at HMH, Amsterdam – Theatre show 2016 ' contains classics like ' Love You More ', ' Ocean ' and ' No Mercy ' in an original new execution, played also the Racoon during this tour brand new number and instant live-hit ' Hate To Love '. Now also on plate.


CD 1

1. The Little One Falls

2. 2014

3. Brick By Brick

4. Tommy

5. Little Down

6. Don't Give Up The Fight

7. Spit Your Heart Out

8. Guilty

9. Freedom

10. Hate To Love

CD 2

1. Couple Of Guys

2. Heaven Holds A Place

3. Love You More

4. Ocean

5. Young And Wise

6. Took A Hit

7. No Mercy

8. Liverpool Rain

9. Boy Breaks Heart

10. Shoes Of Lightning

11. We Had Fun



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